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Group(23-8-2014): comprar llanta en línea Discussion(23-8-2014): Week 3: How will we know that transformation has occurred?
Discussion(23-6-2014): Week 2: How can we transform this through training for gender equality? Discussion(23-6-2014): Week 1: What do we want to transform through training for gender equality?
Group(30-5-2014): Transformation through Training for Gender Equality Discussion(30-5-2014): Theatre in Training for Gender Equality

Report of Virtual Dialogue on Transformation

Virtual Dialogues are online discussions aimed at promoting debate, exchange of good practices, ideas, and information on different topics related to Training for Gender Equality that respond to the interests, needs and motivations of UN Women Community of Practice in Training for Gender Equality (CoP).


This was the third Virtual Dialogue run by the UN Women Training Centre, following those on Evaluation in July 2013 and Knowledge in February 2014.


1000 Members

We are delighted to announce that we now have over 1000 members of the Community of Practice. Our members come from a range of backgrounds and institutions – including government bodies, non-governmental organisations, international institutions, research and educational institutions and the private sector.


We have members from all world regions working in diverse social and cultural contexts in a range of languages.




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