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Now Available! Self-Learning Booklet on Masculinities and Violence Against Women and girls

From the moment we are born society tells us the roles, behaviors and attributes that are considered acceptable according to our gender. Those associated with maleness and considered appropriate for men are referred to as “masculinity”, while those associated with femaleness and considered appropriate for women are referred to as “femininity”.


UN Women Training Centre 2015 Annual Report

The UN Women Training Centre is pleased to announce the publication of its 2015 Annual Report. The Report highlights the work and activities carried out by the Training Centre in 2015, a year of great growth and evolution for the Training Centre courses and its eLearning Campus. The Report details results from the 27 courses offered by the UN Women Training Centre. It also highlights the role of the Training Centre as a training resource hub by delivering Training of Trainers and holding and Expert Group Meeting on Training for Gender Equality.




Género en marcha Trabajando el nexo migración-desarrollo desde una perspectiva de género
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